Unique, Creative & Trailblazing are words that best describe New York native Stylist April B.  Her love affair with hair began at an early age.  On the weekends she often accompanied her mother who also was a stylist that worked at a salon in the Bronx.  The sight of dryers, rollers, bobby pins and her mother’s mannequin sparked her curiosity.  As a teenager, April always pushed the limit when it came to her appearance.  She would put her own spin on whatever style was popular at the time. From “Stacks” to afro puffs, she did it all. She spent years experimenting on family, friends, which led her to start Cosmetology school after graduating from high school.

In 2006, she was ready for a much-needed change. Visiting Atlanta several times, April fell in love with the culture. She admired the eclectic feel of the city; it helped to inspire her creativity.  

Since being in Atlanta, April has made considerable strides in her career by acquiring a celebrity clientele which includes working with the rapper T-Pain, Chris Brown and rapper Future to name a few.

She has made a serious impact on that natural hair community by understanding the needs of her clients.  Her creative visionary ideas have sparked a level of confidence in women all across the world.  She has made bold statements in that natural hair doesn’t have to be boring or be limited to wearing an afro.  Her styles are very versatile in that they can be worn in many ways. They can be worn in Corporate America or out for the night on the town.

“Promoting healthy natural hair is a devoted passion of mine.  The style is just the bonus” Says April B  She encourages all naturals to B. BOLD B. BEAUTIFUL B. PROUD B. NATURAL