My passion is to encourage all naturals on their journey to B. BOLD B. BEAUTIFUL B. PROUD B. NATURAL


I offer a wide variety of natural hair services. If you have thick course hair and you’re wanting a curly look. I have just the right style for you. There’s different methods to achieve the vibrant natural look that you desire. I used a wide variety of non chemically based products, that promote healthy hair growth. Wearing your hair natural doesn’t have to be a awful task. Let me transform you into a walking work of art.

  • Big Chop $45
  • Braided Updo $100-up
  • Children’s Natural Styles $65-up  7-10 years old (some restrictions do apply)
  • Children’s Full head Twists $150-up 7-10 years old (some restrictions do apply)
  • Coloure Me Badd $185-up
  • Coil Set $100-up
  • Consultation $25 ($10 goes towards service)
  • Crochet Twists $250-up (up to 5pks synthetic hair included)
  • Crochet Weave $300 ( up to 5 pks Freetress hair included)
  • Flat Twist Set $85-up
  • Full Head Sewin $250 (hair not included) $475 (2 bundles of hair included)
  • Help Me Transition! $185 (style not included)
  • Help Me Transition! $245 (style included)
  • Hydrate Me Please! $145-up
  • Precision Cut & Style $125
  • Shampoo & Style $50 (braids only)
  • Silk Press & Curl $65-up
  • Spiral/Rod Set $100
  • Total Conditioning Package $65 (style not included)
  • Trim My Ends! $15 (style not included)
  • Two Strand Twists $100-up (natural hair only)
  • Two Strand Twists $250 (hair included)
  • Updo Take down  $45-up


Locs are becoming more of a trend in today’s society. They can be worn in so many versatile ways. You can style them up or wear them down. Years ago only a few people had locs as it was thought to be unprofessional to have them depending on where you worked. Now you will find people in the corporate sector of America; some who are CEO’s of major corporations who wear locs down to the ordinary everyday person wearing them. Many celebrities share the love of this natural style. The celebrities include Lisa Bonet, Eric Benet, Lauren Hill, Lil Wayne, KRS1, Lenny Kravitz, the late and great Bob Marley and many, many more!

With today’s time being such a busy one; many people don’t the time to get up and do their hair every day. Having locs can be a very low maintenance hair style.

  • Starter Locs $115-up
  • Loc Maintenance & Style $75-up
  • Loc Maintenance Plan (2 visits included) $225
  • Kid’s Loc Maintenance $65-up
  • Loc Restoration Service (repair) $300-up
  • Loc Repair $10-up
  • Loc Styling $45-up
  • Loc Colouring $85-up
  • Faux Locs $500-up (hair Included)
  • Loc Extensions$895-up [learn more]
  • Loc Shearing (Fuzz removal) $50-up
  • Spiral/Rod Set $45-up
  • Precision Cutting $55
  • Trim $25
  • Coloure Me Badd Package $195-up
  • Hydrate Me Please! $145-up (includes 20 min herbal steam session)
  • Herbal Conditioning steam treatment $25
  • Dry, itchy, flaky scalp cocktail $15 (removes scalp buildup)